Top 8 guitarists WHO Redifined SHred with INNOVATION

By Aditya Shukla - creator of the brain-based guitar method

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If Michael Angelo Batio is an old god's god, Ichika Nito is a new god's god. Delicate, highly dexterous mix of techniques at ultra high speeds. Legend says the word beautiful was coined to describe his music.


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Polyphia's Tim Henson begins where Tosin Abassi stops. Tim Henson redefines how notes are chosen in music, how techniques combine, but all of it is softer than AAL.


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Daniele Gottardo

He is an epic 8 finger tapper with fluid notes and wide arpeggios with romantic and dark exotic themes. His dexterity allows sequences that others only dream of.


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Marcin Patrzalek

Marcin does shred, tap, and percussion on an acoustic guitar at levels never seen before. He is fast, complex, and level 9000 overkill. But that's the beauty.


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Charles BertHOUD

A Bassist who outplays everyone else with his left and right hand tapping simultaneously, does bass and lead at the same time. He is the best offshoot of neoclassical guitar today.


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Tosin Abassi

Probably the first "new god" of shred guitar. Ultra complex clean thumping with fast notes. He cooked a genre called "animals as leaders."


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Jason RiChardson

Jason is a heavy slow riff and ultra fast shred style guitarist. It's an emotion in itself. It's a vibe we feel, but never got to hear before with that intensity.


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Felix Martin

The ultimate Tapper, who plays 2 guitar necks simultaneously on his custom guitar. He is percussive with his notes with mad chordal melodies.



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